Tada Noodles offers meal-kits straight to your door!

We want jjajangmyeon and jjamppong noodles to be enjoyed far and wide so we created special meal kits to be delivered to your homes and that can be enjoyed after a little prep.

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Tada Noodles will freshly prepare the slurpilicious jjajangmyeon and/or jjamppong with our custom crafted authentic sauces and recipes. Then we package and ship the meal kit to you. 


TA-DA! Noodles have arrived! With a few easy steps included in your meal kit, you prepare the slurpilicious dishes and are ready to enjoy authentic Korean-Chinese food.

Delivery Region

Tada Noodles currently only delivers to this specific region to ensure maximum freshness for our meal kits. Please make sure you are in the zone before ordering!

If you are not in this area, stay tuned! We are looking to expand to more areas soon.

More questions? See our FAQ on our meal kits here.

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Saucy Fried Chicken - Kkanpoonggi (깐풍기)

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Note this is appetizer size! Fried boneless chicken in bite-sized pieces covered in spicy, sweet & sour sauce! Delicious usual accompaniment of jjajangmyeon or jjamppong!

Did you know? Kkanpung (깐풍) is a Korean pronunciation of the Chinese word that refers to stir-frying until the sauce is all absorbed!

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